Shenley Park Walled Garden





The Walled Garden dates back to the 16th Century when it provided the Mansion with fruit and vegetables. During the Hospital era it continued to be used for this purpose.

Unfortunately during the closure of the Hospital and prior to the establishment of Shenley Park Trust in 1992, the Garden had fallen into a state of neglect and it was not possible to restore it to its former glory.

See the History of the Garden page for more information.

Instead a novel Garden was created of two marquee lawns separated by three terraces with an amphitheatre at the bottom. The Garden was designed by the now retired Park Director John Ely and created by the former Estates Manager Glyn Dredge, now Park Director. The Garden took over two years to complete with the major works completed in 1994. Changes are constantly being made to the Garden which is an absolute credit to those who created it.

Below are two aerial views of the Garden, the first taken in approximately 2000, the second in approxinately 2005.

aerial wg 1
Aerial view of Walled Garden in approximately year 2000


aerial pic 2
Walled Garden in approximately 2005, photo courtesy of John Hill


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